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Your Trusted Partner in Pet Wellness

At St. Francis Animal Hospital, your pet’s well-being is our top priority. We firmly believe in the power of preventative care to safeguard your beloved companion’s health and enhance their quality of life. A deep passion for pets fuels our dedicated team, and we are committed to creating a world where every pet, pet parent, and animal lover thrives.

Discover the Healing Art of Acupuncture

Experience the transformative effects of acupuncture as we offer a holistic approach to healing and pain relief for your furry friend. Acupuncture is shown to enhance blood circulation, promote natural healing, and elevate the overall quality of life for pets facing various conditions.

Comprehensive Wellness Programs

Nurturing your new puppy or kitten has never been easier with our tailored wellness programs. Our puppy and kitten packages encompass essential care and vital vaccines for their well-being. These comprehensive plans are thoughtfully designed as four appointments, strategically spaced three weeks apart, offering unbeatable value in one convenient package.

Join Our Pet-Centric Community

Embrace a future where pets and their human companions thrive together. St. Francis Animal Hospital is more than a healthcare provider – we are a hub for pet-centric care, knowledge, and compassion. Your journey with us marks a positive step towards a lifetime of shared happiness and wellness.

Trust your pet’s health to us – where compassion meets expertise, and excellence is the standard. Together, we’ll pave the way for a brighter, healthier future for your furry family member.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect during my pet’s acupuncture session?

Our skilled veterinarians will assess your pet’s condition and tailor an acupuncture session to their specific needs. Thin, sterile needles will be gently inserted into targeted points, stimulating the body’s natural healing responses. Most pets find the process relaxing and pain-free.

How do the wellness packages work?

Our puppy and kitten wellness packages offer a convenient way to provide comprehensive care. With four appointments spaced three weeks apart, your young pet will receive essential vaccinations, check-ups, and guidance for proper growth and development.

Is St. Francis Animal Hospital only for sick pets?

Not at all! While we excel in veterinary medicine, we also emphasize preventive care to keep your pet in optimal health. From routine check-ups to specialized treatments, our services cater to pets at every stage of life.

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