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My 1st experience with St. Francis Animal Hospital was abt 3 1/2 yrs ago, when 1 of my cats died unexpectedly and I took her here to have her cremated. The receptionist they had then came out from behind the desk and gave me a hug. While this surprised me, it was greatly appreciated.
A few months later, my home caught fire and I ended up moving to Ft. Smith. While in FSM, another cat had a stroke and received great care from the vet there. I moved back to Springdale abt a year ago, and the 1st place I called to continue care on my cats was St. Francis.
This past Jan 15th, I had to have my 15-yo cat put to sleep bcuz he had thyroid cancer for 3 years and he got to the stage where he was losing weight rapidly and was only suffering. Once again, the compassion from all - Dr. Williams and staff, was greatly appreciated.
Yesterday, I took my cat that had the stroke here for a check-up and while very professional, the entire staff also showed their love and compassion for her, as I feel they show for all animals they care for. They understand that our pets are our fur-babies, and give them the best care possible.

Pat Sopko

After selecting them kind of randomly on the basis of proximity and price, I've been taking my animals to St. Francis for about 5 years now, through several of Dr. Williams' leaves, and have never been disappointed. I started out with two domestic shorthairs and worked up to a Maine Coon mix, one greyhound, then another (male) after my first passed. Dr. Williams, her fill-ins, and all the staff have handled all my animals with love and professionalism. Greyhounds aren't "normal" dogs, with different blood values and anesthesia needs, and I was afraid I might have to seek out a “greyhound-savvy” vet specifically after I adopted them, but Dr. Williams' choices for treatment with my dogs has always been right in line with every fact sheet for the breed's vet needs. Not only does St. Francis keep my herd healthy enough that I never need to see them but for yearly check-ups/vaccinations and boarding my dog, but their boarding services stack up to any dedicated facility around - not that my greyhound Red is exactly a hard dog to deal with, content to sleep all day, but after two rounds of boarding at one of those said dedicated facilities that left him with a wobbly stomach and a resigned mood, I've used St. Francis' boarding services ever since (at a better price too); he never has digestive problems here, can't wait to get in the door, and the whole staff always treats him like a returning king.

Even when things do get hairier than boarding or routine check-ups or procedures, I'm always blown away by Dr. Williams and her staff's knowledge and compassion. Whether it's taking out an IV cath after a dental procedure or wielding a giant micro chipping needle, I just get the feeling Dr. Williams has genuine love and compassion for my animals. The strongest example of all was several years ago, when my first greyhound and service-dog-in-training Cora developed protein losing enteropathy. With so little body fat already, she wasted away quickly and there weren't many options left, but Dr. Williams was honest, supportive of alternative methods I tried, prescribed medications to make her as comfortable as possible, and when the time finally came at a very bad time for me financially, waived all but the cremation fee and talked me through the specifics and physiology of the procedure to assure me that she wasn't feeling any pain, with a clinical but kind voice that was instrumental in getting me through losing my service-and-soulmate dog (the first dog I'd ever had as an adult, and the first one I'd ever put down).

I'm moving to Fayetteville ASAP to lessen the commute after transferring to U of A, but I don't plan on changing vets - I'll be taking my pets here as long as I'm in Northwest Arkansas, and they (well, my weirdo catdog Coon mix and my greyhound at least) will be happy to keep coming here.

Kati McFarland

I have never taken my pets here YET, today I adopted a puppy that may have parvo and I didn't have much knowledge on what precautions I needed to take since I do have another pup at home and Melissa (I think her name is) was so sweet and very informative with all the questions I had for her even after my millions of phone calls. She was very super helpful and I'm sure the rest of the staff is too. Felt like I was talking to a family member. I actually am looking forward to maybe setting up my pups to be seen there in few weeks I hope! Thank you for everything! Such a blessing!

Jasmine Cifuentes

We had a bad experience at a vet so we didn't take any of our animals in for over 2 years. I found out about this clinic from a trusted coworker so we came. We were not let down! From the moment I called to make an appointment to the minute an employee ran out after us because they forgot to give us our first time care packet, we had an amazing experience. Dr. Williams is beyond nice and thorough. We got our dog teeth cleaned and we expected him to be sulking when we came to pick him up (since he normally is) but he was happy. They took such great care of him. Just beyond thrilled to have found this clinic. Highly recommended! Thank you.

Melissa Prewitt

We have been coming to St. Francis for 5 years and counting, Dr. Williams is without question the best veterinarian in NWA. I have 5 miniature schnauzers and she has seen them from puppy to senior years and even saying goodbye. She always listens and believes me when I tell her something isn't right with one of them and that is truly rare. My dogs absolutely love her(and she loves them) jumping over me to get out of the car when they see where we are, always jumping up and running to greet her and get petted and give her "doggy kisses", there is no one else we would rather go to.

Karen Tolly

Two summers ago, my cat Mischief was sick and couldn't use the litter box. Our usual vet refused to see her and didn't think it was a big deal. I called around frantically trying to find a vet that could see my fur baby and St. Francis got me in right away. The entire staff is kind and caring and now they're the only place I take my kitties to when they need care. Mischief was back in today for limping and the care was excellent again. I can not recommend them more!!

Heather Blake

Our "kids" love Dr Kate! She seems to be a real animal magnet and they never seem to mind visiting there. The staff consists of extremely knowledgeable and friendly people.

John Rivers

Dr. Williams and her staff are a true blessing to our family - they love our fur babies!

Elyce Baron Bailey

Dr. Williams is the best vet in NWA. and prices are very affordable. They all love what they do and it shows.

Chris Williams

We LOVE LOVE LOVE Dr. Williams!! She and Dr. Woody are probably the best vets we have ever had and we have lived all over the world! When our lab became ill with Lymphoma, they saw him diligently and caringly through it--chemo and all. When his time came to let go and the doggie oncologist would not let him come home unless he went right to the vet's and she had already left for the day but came back to help and comfort him after hours. We are blessed the end came quickly and had an extra year with him, but one of the last memories I have of him is Dr. Williams carrying him on a gurney into the clinic, and his tail gave a wag because he loved her too. It was hard, but she was right there with me during and after. She is a loving and kind person and I am blessed my other dog has her for a vet!

Suzanne Fields-Berry

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